Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Flower Shows

I know it has been a while since I posed anything I blame the weather, work, our puppy’s medical needs and the flower show.

I was invited to help with Flower shows a couple of years ago. As a Master Gardener I was asked to help people identify and classify the horticulture they were entered in the show. It turned out to be very educational because even though I know many of the common names for plants and flowers I didn't know most of the scientific names and as I helped people with their entries I learned a lot of scientific names for plants and flowers.
Eventually I was persuaded to enter some flowers and foliage of my own. First time was at the Coastal Carolina Fair held the end of October and first part of November every year. Didn't win any awards but it was still educational. My second try was at the Breath of Spring Flower show held in March at Cypress Gardens last year. I actually won some awards this time but no ribbons.

Part of my problem with the flower shows is that my garden doesn't cooperate! I have very little in bloom when both shows are held. This year I had the same problem. I did manage to find 3 daffodils; some cut foliage, and discovered I had a Dutch Iris, and several Cyclamen flowers but still not much to enter. So for the first time I entered several potted plants. My Arrowroot vine and Purple Velvet plant won First Awards, my Red-veined Prayer plant won a Second Award and my ‘Red Scarlet’ Cyclamen won a first award but also the Show Chairman Award/Ribbon for most popular entry in horticulture. (All of my other entries received a First, Second or Third Award this year as well.) I will tell you this was a big surprise as I almost didn't enter it because the pot was not the best.
There is also an education component to the garden show. There was a display on Xeriscaping, Backyard Habitat, and growing Succulents (I helped a little with that one).

The Breath of Spring Flower Show is award winning and sponsored by 4 Garden Clubs: Belle Isle Garden Club, Camellia Garden Club of Greater Charleston, The Garden Club of Otranto, Town and Village Garden Club. It is also a member of National Garden Clubs, Inc, South Atlantic Region and The Garden Club of South Carolina, East Lowcountry District.
This year the Breath of Spring Flower Show theme was “Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow”. It was a beautiful show and even had local television coverage.

If you love flowers and have never been to a show consider attending one and even take a chance and enter one. You may be surprised how well you will do.

I haven’t ventured into design yet but might consider it after I get more instruction in that area. After all I've only been a member of Camellia Garden Club of Greater Charleston for a little over a year!

The purpose of National Garden Clubs, Inc. provides education, resources and national networking opportunities for its members, to promote the love of gardening, floral design, civic, and environmental responsibility.

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