Friday, April 12, 2013

Spring Gardening

It has been a busy spring for me at work and my gardening is way behind of my schedule and because of the odd see-saw weather. Warm then near freezing weather really confused the plants and made it hard to plant my greenhouse plants.

Finally my days off matched up with some nice weather and I was able to put together 2 days of yard work and make some progress in the garden! The late start means I will not have much of a vegetable garden but was able to plant some tomatoes,peppers, squash and herbs. I also have some strawberries plants from last year that I transplanted earlier.

My main concern was getting plants out of the greenhouse where some plants were baking.burning int 100+ degree temperatures in the afternoons.Even with a shade cloth I can't keep the temperatures at an acceptable level.

Most plants are out of the greenhouse now, just a few remain and I plan to move them out as soon as possible.

My front yard has really responded to the compost we put down in the fall! I think my neighbors will be jealous. We have few weeds and the grass is coming up green!

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