Saturday, November 20, 2010

Patio greenhouse

November 20, 2010

My yard has already experienced a very light frost a little over a week ago. It did not touch the cool season vegetables or herbs but some of the perennials and annuals did die. I pulled them out and have been adding bulbs and more Giant Red mustard; colorful Kale, snapdragons and pansies. The night the weather forecast was for possible frost I set up my little patio greenhouse for my tender plants. This greenhouse I purchased at Lowe’s several years ago does a pretty good job of protecting some of my cutting and tender houseplants. I add a light bulb for heat when it is forecast to get below freezing. The trick is not to open during the day and let the heat build up and I only use the light at night. A few tropical plants won’t survive this so I do bring them indoors for the really cold nights.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Fall and winter colors for the garden

I’ve been busy the last few weeks taking out dying summer annuals and cutting back perennials in my yard to make way for some cool season flowers and foliage plants. Today I finished planting tulips and daffodils in the front yard. I change up the plants from year to year but Giant Red mustard; colorful cabbages and Kales are always favorites. I usually add some snapdragons and either pansies or violas to round out the plants that will survive winter and come on strong through late May or early June. Many don’t realize how attractive some vegetables and herbs can be in a flower garden. I’ve used red lettuce and rosemary in flower gardens as well over the years. Rosemary not only has a great fragrance when touched but adds year-round green to your garden. (Photos from Spring 2009; planted fall 2008)