Thursday, February 3, 2011

Garden Checklist for February

Spring is not far off here in the Lowcountry and time to go over the garden checklist for February.

· Get my soil sample to Clemson Extension for my soil test!
· Time to buy pre-emergent herbicide for my established lawn and have it ready to apply when temperatures reach 65°-70° for 4-5 consecutive days.
· Fertilize ornamental trees, azalea, and camellias if needed.
· See if any of my perennial flowers (asters, coreopsis, daylilies, Shasta daisies) need to be divided or transplanted.
· Ready my raised bed and herb bed for planting lettuce and radishes this month: this includes weeding and adding compost.
· Prune summer flowering ornamentals just before spring growth mid-February through mid-March. Some in my yard include: Beautyberry, Crape myrtle, Roses, Osmanthus, Chaste Tree, Gardenia, & Glossy Abelia.)
.Set up second composter for kitchen scraps and yard clippings & leaves
.check for/pull winter weeds in flowerbeds

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