Sunday, January 23, 2011

What’s growing in January?

What’s growing in January? It has been unusually cold this winter and I was surprised to see I still had a few vegetables and herbs in my garden. As you can see by the photo I still have some red leaf and Oakleaf lettuce, Lemon Balm (far left), garlic chives and rosemary in my small kitchen garden. This garden is in a very protected spot. Parsley and spinach are still growing in my raised bed but the lettuce did not survive. I really think I’ll try a cold frame for next fall/winter. I like having lettuce just a few steps away when I need it instead of driving to the store for fresh lettuce. What is a cold frame? It is a protected plant bed that has no artificial heat added. A cold frame has a transparent roofed enclosure, is built low to the ground, and used to protect plants from cold weather. It can extend the growing season weeks or months. I also found this anole sunbathing, not sure if he was growing but soaking up some heat at least!

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