Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Summer Garden Strategies

Summer heat often keeps us from walking through or working in our yard daily. But there are simple things you can do for your decorating and landscape theme.

Visit garage sales to find benches, deck boxes, and ottomans that provide both seating and storage and look out for vintage gardening gear and agricultural elements for decorating your exterior areas.

Take Preventive Measures- Add 2” of fresh mulch to improve your gardens overall appearance, prevent weeds and help soil retain moisture.

Visually Connect with Mother Nature- carry the colors and texture of nearby flowers and foliage to outdoor entertaining areas with accent pillows, outdoor rugs and table linens. Tuck succulents, dainty annuals, and fragments herbs into small clay pots to dress up table tops and walls.

Fill Voids- Buy annuals or perennials to fill gaps in your plantings. Or plan to on filling the holes with after-season bargain plants or plant divisions harvested in the fall from your garden.

Set Out Hummingbird Feeder- Look for a red-colored feeder and fill it with colorless sugar water (made from 1 cup sugar and 4 cups water, bring to boiling then cooled and stored extra in the refrigerator).

Pot Up Plants- Simplify container gardening by choosing potted plants that fit inside your decorative containers. Place the plant, pot and all, into the container. Fill portable containers with annuals and use them to jazz up fading perennials boarders.

Enhance Interest- Once gardens are going; use downtime to construct arbors, gazebos or to lay pathways and gravel-floored garden rooms.

Stay On Task- Keep watering during dry spells and continually deadhead and weed to ensure your landscape stays healthy and looks its best,

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