Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Flowers for Fall

I've always wanted the colorful splendor of my summer garden to linger until the first Frost. Living in the south my autumn yard does not shimmer with a palette of falling leaves. I have planted some American beautyberries which has gorgeous dark purple berries in the fall until the birds strip them for food and Loropetalum which has year-round purple leaves and flowers. My Maple trees and crape myrtles do give me a little color in the fall but not a lot. My dogwoods have not yet produced the red berries my older dogwoods in Georgia had every fall.

Fall blooming flowers come in rich colors that can extend the gardening season. I like to plant annual flower seeds that I have collected from deadheading or seed packets I purchased in the spring to plant later during July or early August for lovely autumn blossoms. The multicolored foliage of coleus is also one of my favorites to add late summer/fall color to my garden.

I use the annual flowers seeds to add to the perennials I already have growing in my garden including: Achilles (yarrow), sages, aster, coneflower, veronica, perennial saliva and day lilies that will continue to bloom into fall. I added Cassia earlier this year looking forward to the bright yellow blooms this fall.

I plan to seed zinnia, cosmos, lance-leaf coreopsis,Gloriosa Daisy,snapdragon, Celosia and Lady in red saliva in my perennial garden to cast a colorful spell in my fall garden. On occasion I have a second blooming of Carolina Jessamine and Crossvine to my fall color! This is one way I'm trying to extend color for all seasons in my garden.

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