Monday, February 13, 2012

Spring Money-Saving Strategies

When your spring bulbs first emerge, it's a good reminder to get started planning your Summer Garden. If you plan now, you can save a lot of money within a couple of short months! Here are a few ideas to get you started:

• Sow some seeds- Instead of buying zinnias and other annuals, grow your own from seed instead. Check out the seed area at your local nursery to see all the varieties you can grow.
• Make a list-It's easy to spend a lot of money on things your don't need at the garden center. Do an inventory, make a list and then stick to it!
• Get ready to share-Solicit a few garden friends to help your buy plants in bulk. You'll get a better price, and then you can divvy them as needed.
• Divide and conquer-You'll conquer big savings just by dividing the plants in your own garden. Spring is a great time to split perennials.
• Participate in plant exchanges and trade plants with friends.
• Shop local nurseries or home centers and watch for good values especially clearances!
• Attend local garden walks or consult a Master Gardener to learn about plants that grow well in your area.
• Check on-line classified sources to find homeowners who want to get rid of existing plantings.
• Start annuals, perennials and vegetables from seed.
• Save cold-tender bulbs to plant in next year's garden.
• Overwinter Boston ferns and banana plants inside so you can use the following season.
• Use large plants, such as shrubs and trees, to fill out garden space.
• Use salvaged bricks, lumber and alley-picked finds like furniture or old windows for garden decorations and hardscape.

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