Monday, March 7, 2011

Now Flowering - March 2011

Now blooming in my yard Iris hollandica a bulb that flowers in mid to late spring for 2-3 weeks. Plants are about 20 inches tall. Planting depth: 5 inches deep. Climatic zone 8 with mulch, Zones 9 to 10 without mulch. Requires full sunlight and keep moist during growing season.

Also blooming Tulips: Tulips are classified with perennials but often need to be treated as annuals. You can dig up your tulips once the foliage has died & store them in a cool dry area for replanting in the fall. But I just buy new ones in the fall. I’ve not had good luck storing them. Tulips need well-drained soil. To improve drainage add sand and compost to your soil. Tulips enjoy full sun. If you are planting other bedding plants amongst tulips; it is a good idea to plant them before the bulbs, so as not to damage the bulbs with the trowel later.

Loropetalum chinense var. rubrum 'Burgundy':I love this shrub! The striking color of the flowers of this evergreen member of the witchhazel family has drawn attention to this species. Height and Width:'Burgundy' is reported to have reached a height of 14 feet. Habit: Evergreen or semi-evergreen (depending on U.S.D.A. hardiness zone),robust, vase-shaped to rounded shrub to small tree. Foliage: 'Burgundy': new leaves red-purple, older foliage dark reddish purple to dark olive green. Foliage of 'Burgundy' may exhibit an orange red coloration in hardiness zones where it is not completely evergreen. Flowers are a shocking pink. Culture: Prefers, moist but well-drained acid soils with high organic matter. Hardiness: U.S.D.A. Zones 7b-9

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