Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Fall Clean-up & Recycling Garden Planters November 8th , 2011

It has been a really busy time in my garden as I continue to pull out fading summer annuals and cut back perennial that have finished blooming. But of course I also found more deals on plants at Lowe’s last week and spent most of one day finding places for them. This included relocating several shrubs, 5 in all. The rule of my yard seems to be that plants are not in the correct location unless I have moved them at least once! While I was finding places for new perennials and a Limelight Hydrangea I also noticed that some of my large garden planters were looking a bit sad. So I decided instead of replacing them I decided to paint them instead. They turned out pretty well and from a distance they look really good. So I think they will make it another year. Using spray paint made things pretty easy and they were ready to plant the following day! Jim put the pre-emergent down a little later than I would have liked but better late than never when it come to preventing weeds! I hope you are taking advantage of this great Fall weather to do a ‘Fall Clean-up’ in your garden/yard.

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