Saturday, May 14, 2011

Garden Makeover

The rising cost of everything has me looking for ways to save money in the garden. So this year I making more use of’ volunteer’ plants, dividing perennials, relocating plants, and pots to fill in bare areas in the garden. I also check the clearance shelf every time I visit Lowe’s home improvement stores. Today I found 4” pots of salvia, celosia, & zinnia’s for $.50 and all they needed were to be deadheaded and a little Miracle Grow to get them blooming again soon. The pots by my front door were looking a little faded so I took the old plants out, scrubbed the pots and painted them. When the paint is dry I’ll replant them with large leaf coleus, begonia and licorice (the thriller, the filler & the spiller) started from cuttings in my mini-greenhouse. Imagine what I could do with a larger greenhouse!

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