Saturday, November 20, 2010

Patio greenhouse

November 20, 2010

My yard has already experienced a very light frost a little over a week ago. It did not touch the cool season vegetables or herbs but some of the perennials and annuals did die. I pulled them out and have been adding bulbs and more Giant Red mustard; colorful Kale, snapdragons and pansies. The night the weather forecast was for possible frost I set up my little patio greenhouse for my tender plants. This greenhouse I purchased at Lowe’s several years ago does a pretty good job of protecting some of my cutting and tender houseplants. I add a light bulb for heat when it is forecast to get below freezing. The trick is not to open during the day and let the heat build up and I only use the light at night. A few tropical plants won’t survive this so I do bring them indoors for the really cold nights.

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